Directorio Marítimo

Let's learn the basics: Locks, Maritime Geography, Canals, Ports, Ship Sizes and More!!!

Here at the MIF we understand that it can be daunting and overwhelming for beginners to learn the basics of the maritime language and overall industry.

Therefore, we have...

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Sea History, Marine Life and the Maritime Industry For Kids!!

The National Maritime Museum has a wonderful site that allows kids to explore our wonderful and vast industry!

Visit the...

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Age of Wind

Battle pirates from all over the world in the most epic Multiplayer battle game ever!

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Ship It

Ship It for the iPhone

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Ship Tycoon 2

Shipping Tycoon for iOS

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Harbor Master

Harbor Master for iOS

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Maritime Flags

Maritime Flags app

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Have you come across an unfamiliar maritime word? Check out the glossary...

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