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Ship Repairers

Proper maintenance and care of a ship is not only mandatory but pays off in the long run. Much like a car owner provides the proper maintenance required for the optimal efficiency of their car, ship owners and operators run a maintenance schedule to keep their ships operating efficiently as well. Ship maintenance is critical as a preventative measure to lessen the chances of the ships being taken out of action unexpectedly at critical moments. This helps avoid safety risks, extensive losses and consumer let down.

There are various services that ship yards provide in regards to ship repair and ship maintenance. Such services can consist of: cleaning and painting, steelwork repairs, piping repairs, machinery repairs, electrical repairs, reconditioning, tank cleaning, propeller repairs and turbo charger repairs.

Ship maintenance and repairs can take place during drydocking at a ship yard or while the ship remains at berth. Classification societies have regulations regarding certain time frames for necessary drydocking. The term drydocking refers to the process of a ship being taken to a ship yard and brought to dry land in order to expose portions of the hull that would otherwise be under water. Typically any repairs that can be done while the ship remains at berth, will be.

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