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Ship Manager

Taking charge of the day-to-day operations of ships can be a daunting task. The ship manager, the person tasked with that great challenge, must monitor and manage ships in a cost-effective manner, making sure that the ships under his or her control are ready for employment, whenever and wherever it is found.

This career can span many sectors of the industry: a ship operator is responsible for crewing, preparing specifications for dry-docking, supervising dry-docking, running repairs, preparing insurance claims, all the while ensuring that all relevant regulations, rules, codes and practices are adhered to. The ship operator must also be financially alert, be flexible enough to meet the ever-changing demands of the shipping world and maintain strong relationships with clients, master mariners and sea staff, all of whom need to be kept updated about any operational changes.

Usually, ship operators have a Class 1 Engineer certificate or equivalent technical qualification and have sailed as a chief engineer or master of seagoing ships. Previous shore-based employment is also often requested, as ship managers need to have good solving and financial management skills and be confident in writing reports and in the use of computers.

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