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Seafarers' Centres

A life at sea can be a lonely one, with months away from family and friends and all-to-brief calls to ports in unknown countries. While many ship owners and operators provide ways and means to keep seafarers on top, both physically and mentally, this is not always enough. To fill this gap, seafarers calling at many international ports have the support of a number of charitable organisations that will offer varying services for the good of the seafarer. Many of these organisations are missionary in make-up, but they provide support to every seafarer regardless of race, colour or creed. Seafarers’ Centres in port are open for long hours, welcoming seafarers looking to relax and spend time away from ship, telephone and email home, and find help for their problems. These havens have been established as places where every seafarer can find a friendly person with whom they can discuss their worries and personal issues. Chaplains and volunteers also reach out the seafarers in the ports by visiting them onboard ships and offering them welcome and support. Some might be in a need of some news from home, or maybe not have heard from their family for a long time. Others may just need the ear of a friendly person to listen of their problems and offer advice.