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Seafarer Education

Ships crews come from a wide array of backgrounds each with highly varying levels of qualification and skill. Continual advancement in ship technology has made it increasingly necessary for seafarers to continue their education to be able to be an effective and safe worker. The ideal time for further education to take place would be on a voyage, but this is complicated by the fact that crews are often left without reliable internet access that is required for distance learning. A project between shipping companies, the Marine Society Charity, and the RMT union aims to address these challenges to provide quality distance learning opportunities for seafarers. These groups in partnership with Coracle, a software company formed by James Tweed, a former oil tanker charterer, created a specially tailored distance learning program to meet these needs. The program is offered through a mobile phone app that updates with new lessons when there is a signal available. The app also provides course that help individuals transition to onshore roles. Coracle’s apps are available on all major app stores and work on both smartphone or tablet devices, be they iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile, as on a laptop.

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