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Rail Freight Operators

Ports and terminals are simply the gateways for international cargo; these goods and products need to be transported to and from you, as the end user or the manufacturer. When a sparkling new car from Japan arrives by ship at its entry port, it has only completed part of its journey, all be it generally the longest part. It will then need to be transported from the quayside to a depot to be sent out to your home. In order to make this chain as seamless as possible, Rail Freight Operators and hauliers have direct access to the major hub ports to load and discharge cargoes for this part of their journey. Rail freight operators can handle everything from coal to cars and from chemicals to consumer goods and containers. Often, these operators will offer storage facilities as well and a fully integrated cross-country network with links to the haulage chain. There are many some important economic and environmental benefits to using rail over road, especially in countries where the road network is already congested. An average freight train can remove 50 HGV journeys from the roads, while an aggregates freight train can remove 120 HGV journeys from the roads. Also, transporting freight by train is more energy efficient than transporting freight by road and is cost effective – especially when carried in bulk and over long distances.