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Port Insurance

Just as ships and their cargoes need to be covered by insurance should the unthinkable happen and the ship is lost, so to do the entry and exit points for these ships: Ports and Terminals. Not only is there a huge amount of highly specialised equipment and machinery on the quayside, but there is also the risk attached to the ship coming into or leaving the berth. As well as, a number of employee liabilities to consider.

Additionally, often ports have a large amount of land under their ownership, which inevitably means higher insurance premiums. Some of the larger terminal groups with locations all over the world have property portfolio values which run into billions of dollars. Also, no two operators will face the same range of risks and so coverage must be tailored to individual situations.

For the port insurers, there is a balance to strike between covering this important sector and spreading their risk too widely. It is for this reason that some insurers will cover port property or liabilities only. Other coverage that may or may not be available depending on the risk involved includes: freight forwarding or logistics operations, insurance for property and handling equipment against accidental damage, weather damage, machinery breakdown or increased cost of working following an accident, liabilities for loss of or damage to cargo, berth damage, port blockage, and disposal, quarantine and disinfection costs.

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