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It is not just commodities that move from A to B by ship: many of us have experienced life at sea as a cargo, simply by taking a cross-Channel ferry from Dover to Calais. With the many safety and quality considerations necessary for carrying passengers, a cargo of people is in fact not so different to the many others of cargoes carried.

Passenger ships need to cater for the demands of people, be that with the provisions of seating, refreshments, entertainment and/or sleeping facilities. For passenger ships on longer journeys, a huge amount of food and fresh water stores need to be on board and there must be proper facilities for the storage of waste water and the massive amount of rubbish generated.

These ships vary greatly in size and can range from small foot passenger ferries to cross rivers, to large luxury ocean-going cruise liners carrying more than 2,500 passengers. Some may have the means to transport vehicles as well as passengers, offering crossings for cars and caravans, as well as freight on trucks.

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