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Maritime Lecturer

New recruits are the lifeblood of the maritime industry and to ensure that we have a continual stream of knowledgeable entrants to fill the gaps left by those promoted or retired, there is a first class international study programme available. Offering everything from one-day introductory courses to full-time four year degree and post graduate studies, the maritime education sector has something for everyone.

To make these courses the success that they are, experts with maritime knowledge are employed to deliver lectures, teaching nautical/maritime subjects in a college, university or training centre. Some institutions ask that lecturers hold a teaching qualification, while some of the more technical courses require lecturers to hold a master’s ticket. Others still look for maritime experience over formal lecturing training.

Roles available can range from Assistant Lecturer, to Head of Department or Professor and maritime lecturers can choose to specialise in specific subject areas, such as port operations, economics or maritime law.