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Liquid Bulk Cargo

All of us will have come across liquid bulk cargoes in everyday life in one from or another. From gasoline to fuel our cars, to fruit juices and cooking oil for consumption in the home, it’s difficult to live the lives we live today without them.

These free-flowing liquid cargoes, which also include crude oil, liquefied natural gas and chemicals, are not boxed, bagged or hand stowed. Instead, they are poured into and sucked out of large tank spaces, known as the holds, of a Parcel Tanker.

This section of the industry has attracted more than its fair share of public attention over the years, as a result of high-profile incidents where crude oil has leak from tankers and polluted our seas and coastlines. But there has been much legislation passed and increasing commitment from those that carry oil cargoes to further improve this section of the industry. And importantly, there has been a substantial reduction in marine pollution over the last 15 years, especially in the amount of oil spilled into the sea, despite a massive increase in world seaborne trade.

Check out this great piece on Parcel Tankers by Chris Sabino

Chris Sabino is a sophomore at the Academy of Technology and Engineering High School (AITE) in Stamford, CT. Chris is a member of AITE’s graduating class of 2020. Chris attended middle school in Stamford at Scofield Magnet where the yearlong 8th grade Exhibition project is the culminating activity for students. This project is an opportunity for students to develop and demonstrate their abilities as learners and teachers. The project is based on the realization that we live in a constantly changing and technologically-oriented world, and inspires students to focus their Exhibition on a particular technology that they are interested in. The students complete a research paper, a slideshow that they present and a creative portion such as a model. This project allows them to master a realm of information, largely technology-related, to present their knowledge to peers and adults using a variety of media, and to respond to probing questions about their area of expertise. Chris choose the subject of Parcel Tankers because of the vast amount of technology involved with that field, and because he was amazed at how much shipping, and in particular parcel tankers, affects our everyday life. His teachers’ and peers found the subject fascinating and uniquely different from some of the more typical exhibition subjects chosen, like a football helmet or light-bulb.

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