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As a global business with many multi-million dollar companies and expensive assets, the maritime business generates its fair share of news. A group of specialist maritime journalists, well versed in business-to-business reporting, take on the reporting of this news on a daily basis, producing news articles, features and opinion pieces on the topical goings on of the shipping industry.

Often overlooked as a career path in the maritime industry, becoming a specialist maritime journalist opens up options to join some prestigious publishing names, including Lloyd’s List – the oldest, daily newspaper in the world published in English, Tradewinds and gCaptain.

While entrance to the general journalism industry is often competitive, in the niche maritime market there are channels for those wanting to specialise. Many publications are willing to take on graduates with little or no journalism experience to give on-the-job training, asking for a keen interest in the maritime sector instead. While the workload can be punishing and the deadlines restrictive, travel opportunities and the exciting dynamics of the publishing world can be addictive for those keen to get into the underbelly of the maritime business.

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