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Freight Forwarder

A Freight Forwarder is an individual or company that arranges the safe and efficient shipment of goods via common carriers, airlines or road and rail freight operators to international destinations. Acting as a transportation coordinator, a freight forwarder will source the best form of transport to get goods where they are needed on time.

Typical freight forwarding activities could include arranging packing, delivery and warehousing of goods; obtaining, checking and preparing documentation to meet worldwide regulations; arranging insurance and assisting with claims; and dealing with special arrangements for transporting delicate cargoes, such as livestock and medical supplies. Freight forwarding companies vary greatly in size and type, with operations on a regional, national or international level.

Usually office-based, freight forwarders will normally work a standard 35-40 hours a week, although shift work might also be called for in some companies. There are no standard entry qualifications, but employers may request minimum levels of secondary level education. There are also professional qualifications and specific degree-level courses that cover freight forwarding. It is worth remembering that clients pay a premium to employ a freight forwarder, so a quality service and good customer relations are essential.

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