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Concession Holders

Ports act as important conduits for a country’s resources, whether they are receiving goods and products or sending them out for export. Historically, the upkeep and development of these important channels has fallen under the responsibility of government, along with so many other duties. But in more recent times, governments around the world have wised up to the fact that these gateways have the potential to bring much more into the country’s economy if only they could have dedicated management and extra funds for development. This sea change in thinking brought about a rise in individual companies that specialised in port management and operation, known as Concession Holders or concessionaires. A concession is when an area of land is offered to an outside operator in return for stipulated services or a promise that the land will be used for a specific purpose, in this case a terminal that contributes to the national economy. The land offered remains the property of the government or other controlling authority, so no national land is given up to outside interests. Concession holders work closely with governments, country leaders, customers, hauliers and the shipping community to ensure developing the port infrastructure. They often appear to be the owner of the port as their branding is prominent in the port, but as concession holders they do not own the port, rather they lease the land for a set period of time.