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China Maritime Museum

The China Maritime Museum, located in Shanghai was the first national maritime museum approved by the State Council of PRC, to open to the public on July 11th, 2009. The China Maritime Museum goals are to Carrying forward the spirit of “Patriotism, and Scientific Navigation”, educating about China’s maritime tradition, helping to grow and expand this tradition into the future, Showcasing China’s maritime industry and its contributions to the world maritime science, Exhibiting the new technologies and achievements in the maritime industry, creating an international maritime exchange platform to enhance contact with international shipping community, and to foster the culture of Shanghai as an International Shipping Center.

The China Maritime Museum display a variety of material objects, replicas, photographs, literary works and multimedia presentation to demonstrate the Chinese maritime tradition. In addition to housing culturally relevant collections, the museum is a base of academic research and social education regarding the Chinese maritime industry past and present

To learn more visit: China Maritime Museum