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Chartering Manager

As a “controller of cargo,” Charterers play an integral role in the day-to-day business of shipping. They deal in almost every commodity – from raw materials such as iron ore, bauxite, grain and Crude Oil to highly refined products such as aviation fuel and petrochemicals. As such, a career as a chartering manager offers positions in a diverse group of businesses, from the world’s largest oil companies and mining concerns, to international commodity traders and grain houses.

As a manager of chartering, you will be expected to source the optimal shipping solution for your cargo, maximising potential earnings in the most cost effective manner. This could involve liaising directly with Ship Owners to find out when ships are open and without cargo to carry, or dealing with Ship Brokers as intermediaries with the same information.

In any chartering role you will need to be self-motivated, well organised and be able to work independently. To take up the position of chartering manager you must have relevant experience in senior roles in chartering and/or hold a maritime-related degree. Experience of drawing up a Charter Party will also be essential.

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