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Who are they?

Charterers are the controllers of cargo and the shipping industry’s customers. Almost everyone relies in their daily lives on products that charterers transport by sea.

What do they do?

Some charterers own ships themselves, either on a hired or permanent basis, chartering ships from independent ship owners when the need comes up. This is often a way of protecting against rising future freight markets (costs). However, most charterers regularly hire ships, or space on ships, to move their products (that are bought and sold and even passengers. Dry products (coal, wood chips or a car) are shipped on bulk carriers, general cargo, refrigerated and container ships while liquid (oil) and gas cargoes are moved on tankers and gas carriers.

Ship Charterers will plan a voyage, calculate the costs involved, organise clearance and dispatch of ships, and handle ship and cargo-related documents.

Interesting fact

They play an important role at the deep end of ship operations, helping to pair ships with suitable cargoes.

Charterers usually pay charter rate in dollars and the price they pay may change widely depending on the demand and supply of ships.

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