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Cargo Transfer Supervisor

On the quayside, the discharging or loading of liquid cargoes can be a demanding process. Reception facilities must consider the viscosity, boiling and freezing points, liquefaction temperature and the toxicity of the liquid cargo, among other things.

The employee responsible for overseeing the transfer process, known as a Cargo Transfer Supervisor, will also need to know the special handling characteristics of each product transferred at the Port, Terminal or reception facility and be well-versed in emergency procedures. For example, if oil is accidentally spilt during a load or discharge operation, the cargo transfer supervisor must know the correct procedures for stemming the spill as well as for managing clean-up operations to minimise the risk to the environment.

The role of cargo transfer supervisor is highly specialised and calls for dedicated training in handling specific cargoes and ships. A related degree is important, but training at specialist terminals is also crucial as each terminal will have its own safety procedures and rules to adhere to.