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The ability to know what is just ‘around the corner’ in business is invaluable. And in the maritime industry, where sentiment and outside factors can often unduly influence the direction of the freight markets, companies put a great deal of emphasis on accurate forecasting and analysis of statistics.

Maritime analysts, employed as individuals or within a company, offer independent, commercial high-level market forecasting and business advisory services for shipping. Whether companies need in-depth analysis of a particular trade over the next 20 years, or a simpler request of an average freight rate for the past month, shipping analysts will make use of databases of past information and modelling tools to accurately answer these questions.

To pursue a career as a shipping analyst, most employers require an economics background or degree and a proven ability to analyse and interpret data and to present economic arguments. Inevitably, this requires a good understanding of analytical software, such as MS Excel or MS Access, and presentation packages, such as MS Powerpoint.

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