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Incident Management

The maritime industry typically operates out of the public’s attention, transporting goods all across the world without people noticing, but some of the goods and commodities are harmful to the environment in the event of an accident.

The most notable accidents tend to be oil spills. Oil spills have a huge impact on public perception of a company and the industry as a whole. In age where news travels near instantaneously, maintaining image is exceedingly important for both public and private companies alike in the event of these incidents.

The perception of how a company handles the incidents can have a huge impact on their profits. It is therefore imperative for a company to be able to respond appropriately and effectively to rare events in the eye of the press. Given that many companies do not regularly interact with the press, it often best for firms to hire an outside crisis response team such as, MTI. By providing a critical and impartial outside eye, third party media response services works in tandem with all of your company stakeholders to ensure a smooth, timely and transparent response to media and public interest.

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