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Ship Banker

What’s it like working as a Ship Banker?

Shipping Bankers offer specialized financing services to maritime companies, which can include corporate finance, debt, merger & acquisitions, and advisory and risk management solutions. They understand the intricacies of the maritime industry and the complex finance structures available to shipping companies. In this office-based role, Ship Bankers source financing tools according to the clients’ needs, be that for the sale or purchase of a ship, cargo purchase, or for shipping company acquisitions.

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What kind of work can I do?

Having a flair for numbers, Ship Bankers need to be able to analyse financial statements, generate cash flow projections and demonstrate excellent credit sense to assess the multitude of risks involved. They will also need to know their client’s history, management team, growth strategy, asset deployment, and capital expenditure plan to be able to offer the most suitable products.

Where can I work?

Financial institutions and banks that offer ship financing as a service are the most obvious employers for Ship Bankers, although some larger maritime companies may also have openings.

Ship Bankers keep the financial wheels of the maritime industry well oiled.

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How big is this sector?

This is a highly specialized strand of financing and the number of positions is limited. However, experienced Ship Bankers can work anywhere in the world and the remuneration for proven Ship Bankers is good.