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Port Operations Manager

What’s it like working as a Port Operations Manager?

A wide range of cargoes, each with their own specific handling and storage requirements, pass through the world’s ports and terminals every day. The Port Operations Manager is responsible for the smooth transition of that cargo, so that it reaches its destination on time. To perform this role, the Port Operations Manager will need to be in close contact with a range of industry groups, such as customs and quarantine, stevedores and shipping lines.

The Port Operations Manager normally works office hours Monday to Friday, but can be on call to attend to any problems or emergencies outside of those hours. And while the role is predominately desk-based, the Port Operations Manager will spend time on the port and out of the port at managerial meetings.

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What kind of work can I do?

The Port Operations Manager is responsible for the efficient use of port facilities and resources with specific responsibilities for health and safety and security. Some roles that the Port Operations Manager takes charge of include managing vessel loading and discharge, managing safety, managing staff, and liaising with customers and other port users.

Where can I work?

As a key port role, Port Operations Managers can find employment at any of the world’s thousands of ports. However, Port Operations Managers will often be specialized in one type of cargo which may limit the potential employment market. Port Operations Managers can look for jobs with international port operators, private port companies and at government operations. A Port Operations Manager is an organised individual, capable of juggling tasks under pressure.

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How big is this sector?

While the job market for Port Operations Managers is large, staff retention is high and often candidates will have to climb the ranks in the port to land this top job.