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Marketing Executive

What’s it like working as a Marketing Executive?

Marrying goods and services produced by a company with the needs of clients, both existing and potential, puts Marketing Executives at the cutting edge of a business’ operations. Without the valuable research that a Marketing Executive provides, maritime companies would be ‘blind’ to their customers’ requirements. Good Marketing Executives have a flair for strategic and creative thinking, coupled with commercial understanding of the business, and are able to put excellent communication and presentation skills to use. In the maritime industry, they are often also fluent in a second language in deference to the truly international nature of the shipping business.

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What kind of work can I do?

The everyday work of a marketing executive is often varied and can include advertising, promotion, public/media relations, product development, sponsorship and research. Marketing executives will also need to liaise and build relationships with a range of people, including customers, suppliers and colleagues, and often are required to contribute to long-term marketing strategies and successfully manage budgets.

The work will often involve developing an overall marketing plan, identifying target markets and marketing opportunities. The role will also require an emphasis on writing proposals, reports and promotional briefs, giving presentations, monitoring campaign progress and developing new strategies and ideas. To lay the groundwork for that work, Marketing Executives undertake market research to find out what clients want, and will then work with communications, design or production teams to develop services and products in line with their findings.

Where can I work?

A Marketing Executive’s employer options are as broad as they are wide, as practically every maritime company requires marketing expertise. Insurance, Ship Broking, Ship Managing, Chartering, Freight Forwarding, Shipping Line, and Port companies, to name just a few, could all potentially be in the market for Marketing Executives. Of course, Marketing Executives with experience of the maritime industry and marketing-specific training will find it easier to get a job in this industry.

While training is often on the job, there are professional marketing organisations that organize training and graduate and post-graduate courses are readily available. A good Marketing Executive that can demonstrate proven successes will be sought after by maritime companies that want to progress their businesses. Starting a career as a Marketing Executive puts you on the path of a varied and competitive role.

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How big is this sector?

Marketing is recognized as one of the most important activities in manufacturing and service industries, and with so many potential maritime employers the prospects for a Marketing Executive are extensive. However, not all companies can afford to have a dedicated Marketing Executive and the services needed to support them, such as designers and production teams. Here, companies may prefer to employ Marketing Executives on a per project basis from an agency or consultancy, or on a freelance basis.