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What are the objectives?

The maritime industry wishes to reach out to people who know little or nothing about the industry. It is largely a low profile industry with little known about it by the world at large both in terms of historic and contemporary knowledge, and also in terms of the vast and useful service it provides to every one of us. However when the industry does get coverage in the press, this tends to be in the wake of an accident or disaster, and is therefore for the wrong reasons and problems and disasters create a negative impression.

This lack of knowledge is perceived to create problems for the industry as a whole, making it difficult for it to take control of its destiny, to promote maritime heritage and to attract the dynamic young talent that it needs.

Our vision is Education. Education of the public and education within maritime circles to take the industry forward technologically and to protect and identify maritime heritage.

The aim of our Maritime Industry Knowledge Centre is ‘to enrich human knowledge and understanding of the vital roles of maritime industries and commercial shipping in the economic, social, political and cultural life of the global environment.’

How do we achieve these objectives?

The Maritime Industry Knowledge Centre is a programme of communication through education. It is about increasing public awareness and understanding of the maritime industry and the vital role it plays in sustaining day-to-day life around the world. It is about what the maritime industry in all its forms can offer young people and about providing worldwide access to quality in-depth information to those who know little about the industry.

However, one of the challenges in realising these ambitions lies in the very nature of the industry. It is vast, global and fragmented, made up of a diverse range of segments with their associations, members and accompanying interests.

The project is about reaching out to people who know little or nothing about the maritime industry. It is neither political nor commercial and its solid web-based structure with its responsive design for media devices from desktop to tablet to mobile phone has an enormous potential for outreach to all generations in a cost effective and efficient way.

You can access the Knoweldge Centre in English, Spanish, Mandarin and shortly Greek. Several other key languages are in the pipeline.

Who is the target group?

The main target groups are:

  • Politicians and regulators
  • Mainstream media
  • Students and young persons

What is the vehicle for the project?

Recognising that this initiative is industry-wide and to advance the programme, the Round Table (BIMCO, ICS, Intercargo, INTERTANKO) supported by the International Maritime Organization (IMO)established and financed in 2005 the formation of the Maritime Industry Foundation as a registered charity.

In 2007 Captain Peter J. Swift was appointed General Manager to manage the development of the Foundation’s strategy and to generate membership support.

There are six Trustees sitting on the Foundation Board:

  • Demetrius C. Dragazis
  • Roger Holt
  • Per Wiggo Richardsen
  • Nicolas Pappadakis
  • Peter M. Swift
  • Michele White

How is the project funded?

The Foundation is a membership organisation, funded and supported by subscriptions and donations from corporations, educators and individuals that are involved in all aspects of maritime transport.

Today the Foundation has over 130 members – Corporate, Individual, Supporters, Educators and Seafarers category of membership.

We invite you to support our aims by joining the Foundation as a corporate, individual member or by giving a donation.

What are the categories of membership?

  • Corporate: Annual Subscription minimum USD 1,000
  • Individual: Annual subscription minimum USD 250
  • Educators: Annual subscription minimum USD 100
  • Students: Free of charge during period of study
  • Seafarer: Free of charge
  • Supporters: Donation (optional amount)

Application form for Membership and Supporters

More about membership

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Are there any tax benefits?

  • US Contributors The Foundation is a member of the Charities Aid Foundation America (CAFAmerica). This enables US donors to support a non-US charity while still obtaining the maximum tax benefits allowed by federal law for their contribution.

  • UK Gift Aid If you pay income tax in the UK you can make your donation worth more by allowing the Foundation to reclaim the tax already paid.